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Your Junk Car Can Still Give You Money There are some parts of old cars that can still be used on comparable models and so there is always a market for these. There a small businesses selling old parts from vehicles that are not anymore running, called auto salvage lots, and they sell to repair shops and car owners who are willing to buy second hand parts that are still functioning at a lesser cost. These second hand car dealers are ready to pay you in cash for the parts from your junk cars. When selling your junk car or its parts to junk car dealers, there are some reminders for you to follow so can easily sell your unit. The first thing that you have to do is to make sure that you have the title of the junk car under your name. This is because most dealers will easily give cash to the person contacting them if the title of the car is ready under the seller’s name. They are doing this for the reason that they are avoiding to be cheated on by a person who is not the actual owner of the car.
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The next thing you will do is to review the condition of your car and make a listings of the parts of the car that are damaged or not operational. It is also recommended that you prepare another list of removed parts of the car. Do not miss checking out the tires and the interior conditions of your car. There are companies who offer payment in cash for junk cars will ask several questions with regards to the condition of the car, such as when you bought the car, when it started to be not functioning, and so on, so it is better to be prepared to answer these questions.
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Another scenario would be if you have an old car but still in working condition, so you can ask the dealer to sell your car on fast method. Unlike when you sell junk parts, when you sell your old car but still working condition, you have to be ready with your title. Before you make the decision on which dealer to make deal with, it is recommended that you get different quotes from different companies offering you service in selling your car fast, this way you will arrive at the best choice. When you sell parts of your junk car, you will have different people wanting different parts of your car. Some would ask for just the wheels and tires, others would want to take out the gas tank. Your junk car will be towed by some dealers and they bring it to a junk yard where they will dismantle the unit. The parts that can still be used will be taken out from the body of the car and sold, while the bigger carcass of the unit will also be sold to another dealer having a different purpose.