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Holistic Dog Care Tips and Products You consider your dog an essential part of your life and there is nothing you would not do for him. But going the extra mile for your pooch does not mean you should burden yourself unduly. Below are some dog care tips and products that can make dog ownership as simple as ABC. The information can clue you on how best to take care of your canine companion as it applies to particular situations. Some of the tips, tricks and hacks may seem obvious but they will certainly make your pet care easier and improve your relationship with your dog. When going for a walk Always have nearby a small tote bag packed with baby wipes for cleaning paws and poop pickup bags. You can also put in some booties if you prefer your dog to wear booties when it is raining or snowing. Another bag containing other leashes, harnesses, and dog supplies used for walking the dog can be hanged by the door. The actual leash you will use can be kept on a leash holder by the side of the door. During the rainy season, place some towels in the area in case you need to dry your pet or wipe some very muddy paws.
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When it is mealtime
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Establish a feeding location in your kitchen. Select a particular shelf or drawer for storing dog food, water bowls, medications, measuring caps, pill cutters, needle-less syringes and other dog products you use for preparing meals or giving medicines. Store also some baby wipes or hand towels if your dog drools a lot or is simply a messy eater by nature. As much as possible, store the dog food close to the feeding station but out of reach of your pet. Plot on your calendar when to administer parasite preventives and when to order dry or canned food from a pet food delivery service or an online source. This is to ensure that you will never run low on your inventory as you are aware when to stock additional food or medicines. When it’s cleanup time Just like the feeding station, there should be a designated bathing and grooming area. It can be in your laundry room or garage where you keep all the dog shampoos, conditioners, combs, ear cleaners, and other cleansing and brushing paraphernalia. You can organize the things in a basket with dividers and hang it by the door. Another vital part of dog care is nail trimming and dog nail clippers can do the trick. When it’s playing time You know that your dog needs plenty of exercise to be in tip-top shape. If you are going to be out of your house most of the day and you cannot play with your pet, you may want to consider getting a dog playpen.