Straight From the Experts: 5 Great Office Design Tips

A good business owner is well aware that great office design can help address a number of problems in the workplace that companies often face. Having a well-designed office can truly make or break your company, which is why it’s important to consult with professionals to make the most of your space. You’ll find that rearranging your office to suit the needs of your employees, not only gives your staff a better working environment but makes it easier for them to do different tasks!

1. Make sure your office has enough light and space.

Many office spaces, unfortunately, lack natural lighting, which can not only negatively impact the mood and productivity of employees but the employer as well. Most office designs overlook the importance of integrating natural lighting when creating designs and layouts. With that being said, numerous scientific studies have shown that natural light can help improve productivity and working conditions. Additionally, artificial lighting in offices can strain eyes and cause serious headaches unlike the natural light our eyes are accustomed to.

One way that you can help naturally improve the amount of sunlight in the office is to create an open floor plan by tearing down unnecessary walls and using stand alone desks as too small workstations can make someone feel claustrophobic. Don’t forget that glass offices are better than caging your employees in with drywalls!

2. Designate lounging spaces throughout the office.

It’s important to provide a place for your employees where they can have lunch or enjoy some time away from their desks. Create so-called break-out spaces in the office where informal chats can take place and employees can enjoy a simple change of scenery.”Break-out spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the business world,” claims an office fit out

“Break-out spaces are becoming increasingly popular in the business world,” claims an office fit out expert at Crown Interiors. You want a space where your employees feel comfortable sharing information and can spontaneously come up with new ideas by relaxing. Don’t forget that some of the best ideas are born when people are inspired by a casual room!

3. Always make sure the office is tidy.

It’s inevitable that hard work leads to plenty of disorganisation in the office, but for workplace productivity, it’s important to ensure that your office is free of clutter and properly organised. You’ll be surprised how easily an office can turn from a tidy area to something of a war zone. One way you can combat this problem is by banning bins at desks to ensure all paper is dealt with or recycled whenever necessary.

Meanwhile, you’re banning bins, you do need to address any issues with storage. Surprisingly enough, many companies think of storage as an afterthought and it becomes one of the most highly complained about problems. When planning your office space, make sure that plenty of storage is incorporated into the design.

4. Invest in good quality furniture.

It may seem like a good idea at first to save money by purchasing the cheapest quality furniture for your office, but you need to consider that your employees spend most of their work days sitting in an office chair. Sure, at first your employees may be okay with a basic chair, but if it doesn’t offer ergonomic design and proper comfort, your employees will start to experience lower back pain and serious discomfort. Don’t cut costs with cheap furniture, as you’ll pay for it later when your employees complain or choose to miss work. Don’t forget that it’s also important to reduce neck pain by investing in a movable monitor arm to ensure that computer screens are at eye level. Additionally, a high-quality office desk can also take care of any problems with stray cables.

5. Always brand your office.

Branding is an integral part of the success of your business, but it shouldn’t be limited to your stationery, business card or your website. Your brand should be visually prominent everywhere in your office and instil a sense of pride in employees as well as clients. It should be an overall part of the workplace environment! Your wallpaper doesn’t need to be coordinated with your company’s stationary, but the design elements of your office should coordinate with your brand.

You can add visual interest to your office by using your company’s logo. Use the different identifying factors of your logo in terms of colour and shape to infuse it into other aspects of your office space. By choosing furniture, colour and wall art that coordinates well with your company’s logo, you’re sending everyone the right message!

The physical appearance of your office says everything there is to know about your company and its habits. When designing your office space, it’s important to hone a positive attitude towards your company. That not only means infusing the space with the right attitude and colour palette but sharing your company’s logos and philosophy as well as slogans to help create a corporate identity for your business!