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Important Things You Should Do After A Car Accident.

Our country has six million accidents every year. The most common charge that drivers will face is property damage. Personal injury is also a consequence of the car accidents. The driver or the passengers can also succumb to personal injury. There are other accidents which end up in the death of the driver or the passengers. These are the worst accidents. There are some simple things that you should know that you should do after you are involved in an accident
The first thing you should do when participating in an accident is to stop the car. This is very crucial it does not matter if the accident is minor or major. Stop the car immediately and do not in any way move from the site of the crash. You should also prevent any other accident from happening at the site. You can do this by setting up a flare and using the car flashes. Make sure you have the flash light in the car always. The flashlight will be handy of the accident has occurred at night, and the car light is not working. Make sure that you are safe and that no car can hit you. You can wait or any medical attention there or assistance.

After that you should call the police. The police have a crucial role to play after the accident. The police should be called even when the accident is minor. If you are filing a claim the police report will be required. The car which has been involved in the accident should remain in the same spot until the police arrive at the site.

When the police get to the site, make sure you tell the officers all the facts. Make sure you do not leave out anything and try to remember all the facts to the best of your ability. Make sure that you give all the information that is required. Do not insinuate anything about the accident. If asked any question by the officer and you do not know make sure that you tell them that you are not sure. This is because there are injuries that you might not feel immediately after the accident. The injuries will be felt much later. The initial police report is what is going to be used to determine whether you are going to be compensated or not. This is why you should give correct information.

If you have a camera or a smartphone make sure that you take photographs of the damaged vehicles. Take the photos without interrupting the police officers. The photos will be used as evidence during compensation.
Make sure that you exchange personal information with the other party. Most times getting this information is the work of the police officers. But in the event that the police take long to get to the site, take the name, phone number and the address of the other driver. You should also exchange insurance information between both of the drivers.