Familiarize importance Saving Early

Saving is a habit that must be instilled early. Why? Of course saving money, children naturally begin to learn frugality and responsible in handling money.

If while in kindergarten, children are still often the snack and spend the pocket money he gets, entering elementary school (SD) parents can begin to teach them to save money.

Might initially save money using a piggy bank at home by setting aside a little bit of pocket money to buy items that children need. For example, when a child needs a new bike to go to school, they can set aside an allowance granted as much as Rp 5,000 per day. After ten days, the target money collected as much as Rp 50,000. for more information you can visit www.topcreditcardsguru.com

Furthermore, the target student savings will increase over time, in line with the increase in the amount of pocket their money in the future, to meet the needs then they will not ask the parents, but the attempt itself to make it happen. The soul is persistent and diligent students be added value in establishing the habit of saving.

Besides parents, the role of education are also needed to help children in savings. One way is to conduct education about saving for students.

As performed by one of the largest private banks in Indonesia, PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) who visited the students of SDN 04 Pringgabaya, East Lombok, NTB and SDN 01 Gondanglegi Wetan, Malang, East Java. This activity is one of the pillars of social activities Bakti BCA intelligent solutions.

In this event, students are given education about the importance of saving early. As one of the financial institutions in Indonesia, BCA is committed to share the knowledge and skills of financial planning from an early age, one through the habit of saving.

Hopefully, the students have a complete overview and knowledge about the benefits of financial planning early on. If the students are already getting education on financial literacy, they will be easier to manage your finances and facilities to access financial services, including savings.

“Financial planning, in particular through savings habits need to be introduced to the public early on. Anyone can save, not only the workers, but also students. The earlier students realize the benefits of saving, the greater the benefits for their future. So that the future may rely on their own savings, do not rely on their parents, “said Rudy Tinton Soeprapto Head of BCA KCU at SDN 04 Pringgabaya Lombok, East Lombok, NTB.

The habit of saving will be even better if the students are encouraged by their parents to save money to the bank. When the students to the bank, then they will feel like customers who have their own responsibility to manage money and save.

By doing so, students will be the spirit to go back to the bank and handed over their savings to a bank clerk. Parents just need to accompany children and show the balance amount has increased. It will be a matter of pride for them.